Creating Websites and Webshops

     Our belief is that a website should be designed especially for you and your needs and it should enable your customers to find your products or services easily and quickly. At Xcel IT our objective is to produce a site which best fits those needs from a small website to a large multi page e-commerce and database driven sites. 

We supply and work with various open source CMS systems because we believe that gives us and you many advantages and more options.

Advantages of open source software

  • the system is free to use
  • add modules to solve a task
  • other programmers can take over
  • freedom to focus on content
  • better optimizing for search engines


We have designed a number of sites that all are made to fulfill a special need or function for each company as well as being easy for our cleints to update the sites themselves. A few examples are shown on the right.

Responsive Website Design

Your website will be viewed on and must clearly work on many different screen sizes and operating systems (Windows, Android & Apple). It is not possible to have a set design for every screen size as there are simply too many of them in use. 
So instead there is responsive web design (RWD) which is a way of desiging websites to allow easier reading and navigation on all types of devices ranging from desktop computer screens to tablets and mobile phones without having to resize, scroll and panning around.
This allows you you to have one website that is responsive and scalable to each screen size. You can see an example of how your site might look on a PC screen and mobile phone below:


Extend with modules

A funtion all open source software shares is the ability to add modules. Last time we checked there were almost 9000 modules to add to our most used CRM system, this gives us many options for solving any special wishes you may have regarding the functions on your web site without the need to do special development. If there is not a suitable module available, we do offer to develope our own solutions and we can always provide any solution or function you wish to have.

Our work is based on how many hours we use and becuase of this we have a set of guidelines you can look through. We do also offer to give a fixed price for a solution as soon as we know what you need.

Most system do different elements - you can see some of the options on the list but let us know if you have any special wishes. 
The green options are standard options (only activated if you wish to use them) and the yellow options are extra modules for the selected version. 

Just ask for a quote !!

Our prices starts at £800 for full CMS websites.

Red = Not included   /  Yellow = Possable to Add  /  Green = Extended

Content Management System
CMS - you can maintain content yourself      
Content (pages) - change, add, delete      
Menu Control - change, add, delete      
Pictures and Graphics      
Picture Effects by Default      
Chat with Visitors      
Web Forms      
Ecommerce - Web Shop      
Shopping Cart System & Online Payment      
Members Login Area      
Newsletter Subscription      
Newsletter Composer      
Google Analytics      

We first present your website design in a picture/photo format that you can ask for changes before we start programming the website. Any changes to colours and design layout should be agreed at this stage to avoid any further costs once the programing of the site has started. 

Please note that these packages should be used as a guide only. Pricing for website design can differ from client to client, as it is not a standard off the shelf product  - each site is designed and tailored to an individual, organisation or company’s needs. Our web packages are priced based on a briefing by the customer and their requirements.