Fixing Computers, Laptops & Network Support

Xcel IT supplies, builds and fully configure complete new hardware and software computer systems.

General repairs and upgrades to older PC systems are also undertaken. We also install and configure Wireless and Wired Local Area Networks (LAN) to connect the computers in your office together so allowing you to share your work files and other resources like printers and scanners.

We can upgrade individual components in your PC/Network including:

Graphics Cards - Hard Drives - Memory - DVD Burner - Multipluy TFT Monitor Set Ups - Uodated Motherboards - Extra Memory - Back Up Systems - RAID Systems - Portable/External Hard Drives - Wireless Routers

Intel® Core™ i3  /  Intel® Core™ i5  /  Intel® Core™ i7

Or we can supply, configure and install a complete new system for you with the latest hardware and software. We have over 25 years of IT experience working for central government and a world wide international computer support company.

The PC supply market is a constantly changing area with prices fluctuating from week to week. Therefore please call us with you requirements on 01293 223434. We can then discuss your request and offer a quote of the costs and options that will suit your needs.

We can set up for you a Virtual Private Networks (VPN) to link your office togther, or your remote/home workers to you main office to share and access files and data.

"We will always provide your business with full documentation on your IT system set up"